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Just like how the skin on your face ages, so does the skin on your body.  The stomach is one area where time takes its toll. From thinning skin to crepiness and laxity, a lack of tautness can make a drastic change in the look of the stomach.  Loose skin, often the result of pregnancy, can be quite difficult to get tight again.

Nine times out of 10, loose skin on the stomach is the result of weight-loss or pregnancy, and the older you are when either of these events happen, the more likely it is that collagen and elastin in the skin have experienced some damage. Sun exposure can also cause the quality of the skin to change with time. Genetics are partially responsible for skin-related changes as well.

When the stomach is laden with lots of loose skin, working out and skin-tightening treatments won’t do much to rectify the problem.  Even if your body is thin with little extra fat but with loose skin, the excess still needs to be trimmed away, which is known as a mini-tummy tuck. The only way to correct the problem is to excise the loose skin.  By creating an incision down at the pubic bone (which will be hidden by underwear and bathing suits when fully healed), the skin is pulled from the top down and the excess is snipped away.  Once the skin is pulled taut and into position, it stays like that forever unless a healthy lifestyle isn’t followed.  To further enhance the silhouette, the internal stomach muscles are also tightened during the procedure.

For the most part, loose skin is accompanied by excess pockets of fat, but there are women who experience just laxity, usually on those that are thin with little or no extra belly fat.

Crinkly, wrinkly skin may keep you from showing your midsection but there a few tricks that can make the skin look seemingly better. Keeping the skin well-hydrated won’t cause it to look dry and parched. Also, using a self-tanner can camouflage the look of any crepiness and stretch marks that may be more obvious because the skin is naturally lighter in colour.

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Best Breast Lift Preparation Begins With Selecting a Qualified Plastic Surgeon

If a woman has moderate or larger sized breasts, it’s profoundly likely that she will encounter breast hang and hang as she enters her thirties. As she gets older, the list and hang will turn out to be increasingly articulated. The only women that can dodge hang and hang through and through are women with to a great degree little breasts. For those women with enough breasts tissue to feel and see the inescapable impacts of maturing, there is a surgical arrangement that will re-establish a portion of the adolescent her breasts once had. That arrangement is known as a breast lift method.


Here is what you should know

Breast lift surgery is ending up plainly more mainstream. Ladies at no time in the future need to sit inactively by as Father Time takes his inescapable toll on her maturing body. Modern ladies are swinging to plastic surgery as a method for re-establishing youth to their body and moderating the impacts of maturing.

The initial move towards getting a breast lift is to locate a qualified specialist that can carry out the employment. You’ll need to visit the American Society of Plastic Surgeons site and play out a look for a breast lift specialist near your city. Their database can furnish you with a list of specialists who are met all requirements to play out your method. From that list, you’ll need to plan a couple of counsels. Attempt to see no less than two unique specialists. While it’s normal that all board confirmed specialists are sufficiently talented to play out your system, not the majority of the best breast lift surgeon will collaborate with you in a similar way. You will locate that one of the specialists you address will unavoidably emerge from the rest.

If you have discovered the perfect specialist for your method, your subsequent stage will be to set up your body, both rationally and physically, for your surgery. The additional time and exertion you put into getting ready for your surgery, the better outcomes you can anticipate.

With regards to mental preparation, this next proposal may appear somewhat clear for any individual who thinks with a discerning personality: you have to understand that a breast lift methodology won’t really make you more youthful! While by far most of the individuals realise that there is no such thing as the wellspring of youth, a few ladies intuitively trust that they will feel more youthful after their surgery. To trust in such ideas is just going to bring about dissatisfaction. You need practical desires with regards to surgical outcomes. Your plastic specialist can better clarify about the methodology and what you ought to anticipate that in respects will changes in your breast appearance.


With regards to physically get ready for your strategy, you’ll need to take a legit evaluation of your body weight and decide whether you ought to lose a couple pounds. While numerous American ladies feel that they are of normal weight, actually Americans are the heaviest nation on the planet. In light of that, a lady who views herself as to be of normal weight is more than likely extensively overweight. Talk with your family specialist to discover what your optimal weight territory ought to be. If you can shed a few pounds preceding your surgery, it will help towards a smooth and intricacy free surgical method.

In case you’re a smoker, you have to stop smoking for no less than a while preceding your surgery. Smoking limits blood stream debilitates your safe framework and decimates skin flexibility. With regards to any sort of plastic surgery, it’s critical that your body keeps up a high skin flexibility level. If you’ve been a smoker your whole life, quite possibly your specialist may dismiss you by and large for the strategy because your skin will be unable to Bob once again from the surgery and recuperate itself appropriately.

Another negative behaviour pattern that debilitates your safe framework is the unreasonable utilisation of liquor. You ought to control your drinking propensity for no less than a little while before your surgery.

breastsThe one individual who most likely knows your body superior to any other individual on the planet is your family specialist. He or she will definitely have an understanding into regardless of whether your body can deal with the surgical methodology. In a perfect world, you ought to visit your family specialist and let him or her realise that you plan to have a breast lift.

In the event that you are keen on adopting more about a breast lift system, you ought to plan a meeting with a neighbourhood best breast lift surgeon and pose him or her any inquiries you may have. It’s always best to look for expert direction from an authorised doctor before you settle on any wellbeing related choices.

Infront or behind the muscle?

In front or behind the muscle? Please explain!!!

One of the commonest confusions that patients talk about is whether the implant should be placed behind the pectoral muscle or in front of it. My answer is, “it depends on the patient”.
Does it reduce capsular contraction?
Before cohesive gel implants were used (pre-2002 in Australia), there was good evidence that placing an implant behind the pectoral muscle reduced the occurrence of capsular contraction, but only if non-textured, smooth implants were used. That benefit was lost if textured implants were used instead of smooth. Since cogels were universally used, there is nothing to suggest that placing an implant behind the pectoral muscle reduces the risk of capsular contraction.

Does it look more natural?
It is true that placing an implant behind the pectoral muscle will reduce the visibility of the junction between the implant and the chest wall, but it does depend on how much breast tissue is present. A study that I published in 2012 showed that provided there was at least 15mm of soft tissue at the edge of the breast bone (which we measure with a calliper), the implant can be well hidden. A further study showed that generally if a person has a body mass index (BMI) of more than 19, they will have that amount of breast tissue. So, from the point of not seeing the implant, as long as your BMI is at least 19, you are unlikely to require implant placement behind the muscle. The study that I published examined whether or not patients were happy with their choice of implant size and shape, and this has recently been recognised as one of the three most reliable studies in the world.

Does it stop the implant from moving?
Placing an implant behind the pectoral muscle usually results in the implant moving and the breast distorting each time you contract your chest wall. In addition, the constant action of the muscle over the implant can lead to it moving down and outwards over time, giving loss of volume in the upper part of the breast, and a nipple that seems too high (“bottoming out”).

Does it make my upper limbs weaker?
The surgical technique of placing an implant behind the muscle requires that it is released from the sternum (breast bone). This has clearly been shown to reduce the strength of the upper limb and its ability to do certain exercises. If you are very physically active, you should consider whether that is a reasonable trade. If you are very lean (because you are very active!) it is a difficult choice between not seeing the implant and having perfect muscle function.

So, what do I do?
I rarely use a technique of placing an implant fully behind the pectoral muscle unless a patient is very lean (BMI<19) and is not a serious exerciser. In most other patients, I place the implant behind the fibrous covering of the muscle – a thin layer called the pectoral fascia. Using this layer has the advantage of reducing the amount of tissue needed to cover the implant from 15mm to 10 mm, but also reduces the risk of damaging the sensory nerves to the breast and therefore getting a numb nipple after surgery. The decision about where to place the implant therefore is a carefully balance between anatomical measurements of the breast and body (we do over 50!), lifestyle and your needs and wants.

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Revision Breast Augmentation


Revision Breast Augmentation

Whilst the breast implant product has a life time warranty provided by the manufacturer, it doesn’t mean that your beautiful breasts will last forever. Just ask your mother!

Occasionally the product fails and ruptures, although with the modern cohesive gel product, it is unusual for you to notice a change in shape or problem, and most ruptures go undetected. This is not a problem, as explained previously in the book, unlike implants that were used prior to 2002, which could migrate through the breast tissue and cause problems.

The commonest reason for replacing breast implants is children. Or to be more precise,, having, a number of children who cause changes in your breast shape. There are other reasons, such as big shifts in your weight (either up or down) or changes in the overall body fat composition caused by exercise and a change in diet.

Mr Brown believes that a breast implants will probably remain appropriate to your body shape for 7-10 years, and if you don’t believe him, have a look at some pictures of you 7 years ago!

Revision breast augmentation presents some unique challenges depending how your soft tissue envelope has changed over the years. Commonly the skin has stretched, and the effects of pregnancy has created a looser, emptier breast. Often the nipple lies below the level of the crease, and a breast lift procedure might be needed.

More often, your body dimensions have altered, and the implant that used to fit you, not longer does. Whilst it might seem relatively straight forward to replace “old” for “new”, some appreciation of the changes in laxity are needed to ensure that the result a second time around will satisfy you as much as your initial surgery.

Some patients who have increased their body fat choose to have the implants removed completely, and Mr Brown can use your remaining breast tissue as an implant to create a full breast. If no breast lift is required, usually the old scar can be used.

If you have lost a considerable amount of fat, the old implant may become visible, and on occasions ripples appear in the area of the cleavage. When Mr Brown removes the old implant, from the capsule created over time, he can used the double layer of scar tissue as extra padding to camouflage the implant and produce a smooth junction between the implant and chest wall.

Increasingly, with a rise in medical tourism and “bargain basement” implant surgery, more patients are seen who have undergone technically poor surgery or have been provided with inappropriate information regarding choice of implants. Common problems that are seen include:

Implants that are too big or small
Implants placed so that breasts are not symmetrical or the same height
Implants placed without a breast lift, when one is required.
Implants touching in the midline
Implants placed too far apart
Sub muscular placement of implants in an inappropriate patient.
Infected and encapsulated implants

Most of these issues have a solution, even if it involves simply removing the implants, and each case represents a different surgical challenge. Currently approximately one third of Mr Brown’s breast implant work represents revision procedures from surgery that has been conducted elsewhere.

In need of finance for Plastic Surgery?


To be lured in by false promises of “Medicare item numbers can be associated “can be misleading and therefore, not only be disappointing when the truth is pointed out, but very silly if a doctor encourages trying to by pass the system.
With breast enlargement and lifts, there are some exceptions to the no coverage rule, but they are very specific and very rarely does someone meet the criteria and the case must be submitted to Medicare for approval before it can be lodged.

Ask questions, and don’t put yourself into a false sense of security only to find it is all not correct and you will end up paying more money than you expect if Medicare knocks your case back.

Mac Credit provides specific payment plans for all cosmetic and plastic surgery.

Mac Credit has been providing an alternate payment solution for potential patients for the last 8 years.

Their service will allow you to move forward with your procedure sooner rather than later and without the worry and concerns that come with affordability issues.

  • MacCredit provides specific payment plans for all Cosmetic & Plastic surgery
  • Payment plans available up to $70,000 – that suit your budget with flexible additional payment options
  • No upfront fees – over the phone transfer available
  • Less stress – they will assist throughout the application process and with completing all documentation required.

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A local expert


You may not think that Berwick is Australia’s leading destination for research into cosmetic surgery –  but you’d be wrong!
Plastic surgeon, Tim Brown has worked in Berwick for over a decade and recently changed the emphasis of his practice such that now he treats only cosmetic surgery issues.
Although he has over twenty years experience in plastic surgery, there is now such a demand for his skills in the particular area of cosmetic work that he has taken the decision to super specialise. “Whilst I would like to continue treating the whole range of problems I have dealt with in Berwick for the last 10 years, I can’t do everything!”
Over the last twenty years, he has published over 60 papers in peer reviewed journals concerning various reconstructive and cosmetic topics. The quality of his work has been recognised by the award of “Best Journal Article” by both the British Association of Plastic Surgeons, and more recently the Australasian Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.
Since 2012 his attention has been exclusively focused on breast implant surgery. The last three papers he published have tracked the progress of over 750 women who have had breast implants under his care, outlining the results, complications and satisfaction with outcomes.
In particular, he has focused on fitting the size of an implant to the size of the patient to ensure great outcomes. “It’s a matter of horses for courses, and recognising what suits who.” Did you know for example, that patients with a low body mass index (BMI) are more likely to want a very small implant compared to those of a “normal” BMI? Also, almost 1 in 5 women wish they had picked a bigger implant by 3 months after their procedure.
These issues are important and can help patients decide and make choices that are likely to produce happy outcomes.
Whilst anybody thinking about breast implant surgery wants to make sure that they have made good choices, the amount of information produced on the internet can make this task daunting. To assist, Mr Brown has written a book “Precision Breast Augmentation – the science of breast implant surgery’. Currently in production, it will be soon available on Kindle from the Amazon Australia store, and also free in hard copy to all patients who attend for a breast augmentation consultation. The book explains the published facts about breast augmentation surgery and also Mr Brown’s personal research. It answers all the common questions that patients ask during a consultation.
Presently, Mr Brown is the only surgeon in Australia who has ever published personal data concerning his results following breast augmentation surgery.
He believes that this is vitally important that patients realise this before deciding who undertakes their procedure “How can any surgeon honestly look you in the eye and tell you that their technique will give you a good outcome if they don’t even know the answer themselves?”
Mr Brown does not personally charge for revision surgery on his patients should they have a problem, although hospital costs need to be covered by either insurance or individually. “We provide a lifelong guarantee on my surgical work in the event of implant failure or capsular hardening, and are always delighted to see our previous patients.”
There are a number of lower cost options available for Australians who wished to have breast implants. Mr Brown suggests that you should ask some very specific questions about their results and care, not just look at a series of before and after photographs. “Results should be published in a peer reviewed journal, so that they are available for the whole world to see and criticise. It is a time consuming learning process, but if you are serious about the work, why wouldn’t you?”
Mr Brown also believes that surgeons should provide long term care and responsibility for their patients, “If a patient has an issue, I want to know about it, even if it is 10 years later. Whilst it is important for my research, it also provides reassurance for patients that someone locally is there for them.”
His ethos with cosmetic surgery patients is the “three A’s” – available, able and affable. “Berwick is where my practice is based, and the hospital is across the road. All of my staff have worked with me for ten years. We’re on call for patients 24/7 from Berwick, and I live in Frankston, not Sydney or Thailand. If you have a problem we are there for you. You will get seen by us. Oh, and incidentally, I think we are pretty affable too!”
If you wish to have an appointment to see Mr Brown for any cosmetic surgery issue, please call  03 8768 5000 for an appointment. We also provide some Saturday appointments.
“Precision Breast Augmentation – the science behind breast augmentation surgery” by Tim Brown will be available from Amazon Australia Kindle Store from 31st May 2015.